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Where to Invest in Bull Market 2021? Which sector going to decide Future of Stock Market?

The Bear market always fearful and Bull market always makes investor greedy.

The above quote is so much true and now a days almost all investor might have been asking these questions-

Lets try to get answer for this:-

Where should i invest my ‘Hard’ Money?

Ans:-Of Course in Stock Market.

Should I Sit quit and watch every day market making new high?

Ans:- Not at all, there are so many stocks available at cheap price with very good fundamentals.

Few of them are

  1. Godrej Agrovet (Its sure multibagger but waiting period is min 5-6 yrs)
  2. IRFC (At least double your money for sure)
  3. SBI (Privatization open new opportunity for SBI, Must have stock in portfolio )
  4. Bharti Airtel (Quality service , and Work From Home culture will double its revenue)
  5. Polyplex Corporation. (Calculated risky stock, but can give 15-20% in short term)
  6. IOL Chemical and Pharma.    (A very fast growing company, risk is high )

Should I buy more stock and sell it at higher price?

Ans:- Do it only in bluechip stocks. Buy and sell below stocks-

  1. TCS
  2. Infosys
  3. Britannia
  4. HDFC

Should I book profit and sell my complete portfolio?

Ans:- If you don’t need money, never sell it.

Can i invest save cash, invest in gold or bonds?

Ans: Yes, Buy SBI Gold ETF

What should my Strategy and I want to invest for long term?

Ans: Lets Evaluate IT sector. I am IT professional and i can better understand the business behind it and as per my Observation Future of Stock Market is IT.

  1. The Work from home culture has reduced operational cost by 10-15%.IT companies saving huge expenses which they used to spend on Lease/electricity/transportation and employee related maintenance cost.
  2. Migration project pilling up to switch from legacy technology to cloud based technology.
  3. Corona pandemic provided opportunity for IT companies to give less salary hike or no salary hike, even though they are making good profit.
  4. More people got attracted towards online shopping and extensively using it.
  5. Result of IT companies are exceptionally good, if you see TCS result it is best among last 10 years.
  6. As per my me, all these IT companies will be doubled(minimum) from this level in next 3-5 years.

What should be my behavior in bull market?


  1. Keep learning:-Trust me bear and bull market gives very good opportunity to learn new things. Evaluate behavior of different stock how they behaved during last bear or bull run.
  1. Buy less quantity :-Keep cash in hand, but don’t miss bull run so keep buying in small small chunks.
  1. Pay for only good fundamentals:-In bull market you may see lots of fake news, tips suggestions strictly avoid it and always look for the company which is showing good growth with great fundamental.
  1. Diversify your investment:- Its good opportunity to diversify different investment options like bond, gold. It will build strong investment portfolio for your future.

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