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VESUVIUS – Vesuvius India Ltd

Vesuvius India is the largest player in the steel flow control segment in the refractory industry with market share of ~50% and overall market share of ~12% in refractories.
Vesuvius is a Global leader in molten metal flow engineering.
At present the company has four factories one each at Kolkata, Mehsana and two at Visakhapatnam and one manufacturing arrangement at Salem. Another factory at Visakhapatnam will be set up soon.

What is refractory mineral?

A refractory mineral is a mineral that is resistant to decomposition by heat, pressure, or chemical attack. It most commonly refers to a mineral which retains its strength and form at high temperatures.
The oxides of aluminium (alumina), silicon (silica) and magnesium (magnesia) are the most important materials used in the manufacturing of refractories. Another oxide usually found in refractories is the oxide of calcium (lime). Fire clays are also widely used in the manufacture of refractories. Zirconia is used when the material must withstand extremely high temperatures.


Steel making requires maximum amount of refractories (10-15kg/tonne) with replacement requirement ranging from 20 minutes to 2 months.


Vesuvius’ Advanced Refractories business supplies the steel industry and other process industries with high performance refractory materials used for lining vessels such as blast furnaces, ladles and tundishes to enable them to withstand high temperatures and/or corrosive attack.

Shaped Refractories like shrouds, stoppers, pre-cast products, nozzles, crucibles
Unshaped Refractories like castables, taphole clay

Flow Control products and systems are used extensively in the continuous casting process, enabling steel to be cast without interruption, while protecting it from the atmosphere when passing through the production process.


Vesuvius Group Limited, U.K, is the holding company presently holding 55.56% shares of Vesuvius India Limited. The ultimate holding company is Cookson Group plc

Steel production outlook

Particulars FY17 FY18 FY19E FY20E
Installed Capacity (MT) 128 131 138 146
Capacity Utilisation (%) 79% 82% 82% 82%
Steel Production (MT) 101 107 113 119
Production Growth (%) 10.7% 6% 6% 5%
Steel consumption (MT) 84 89 95 101
Consumption Growth (%) 2.6% 6% 7% 6%


INR Lakhs. 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16
Total Income 96,274 90,797
EBITDA 17,620 14,780
PAT 9,445 8,888
EPS 46.54 43.79
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