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SUBROS – Subros Ltd

Subros Limited, founded in 1985 as a joint venture public limited company with 36.79% ownership by Suri family of India , 20% ownership by Denso Corporation , Japan & 11.96% ownership by Suzuki Motor Corporation , Japan , is the leading manufacturer of thermal products for automotive applications in India, in technical collaboration with Denso.

Cooling the planet


Subros has a wide range of reciprocating compressors, compatible with eco friendly Refrigerant. These compressors are available in different size and capacity to suit all requirements and engine power. Their unique design ensures that these compressors draw minimum power from engine and work efficiently and silently.

Subros is largest manufacturer of automotive condensers in India. These condensers are manufactured in technical collaboration with Denso Corporation of Japan. Now its new range of Multi-Flow & Multi-Flow with Integrated Receiver Drier condensers are a new revolution in heat exchangers, which are super efficient, small in size and light in weight.

It is abbreviation for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems — the technology of indoor or automotive environmental comfort.
Heating :In a vehicle heating stands for raising the temperature inside the vehicle using heat from the engine.
Ventilating :It is the process of replacing air in vehicle space to control temperature or remove moisture, odors, smoke, heat, dust, airborne bacteria, carbon dioxide, and to replenish oxygen. Ventilation includes both the exchange of air to the outside as well as circulation of air within the vehicle.
Air Conditioning :It means removal of heat from the vehicle using a refrigerant.

Truck Cabin AC System
Featuring next generation technologies, Subros provides a complete range of Truck Cabin AC Systems, while reducing noise, emissions and fuel consumption. It is validated by OEMs and can be customized for varied applications.

Transport Refrigeration System
Subros provides a complete range of transport refrigeration solutions suitable for storage volume upto 50 cu.m for both chilling & freezing applications. We design world class transport refrigeration systems keeping the energy efficient, cost effective and safety features in mind so that every kind of food item reaches its destination in the same condition, it is being loaded.

Plants and Capacity

Subros has manufacturing plants at Noida (2 nos.), Manesar, Pune, Chennai and Sanand with an annual capacity of 1.5 Million AC Kits per annum beside a well equipped R&D Center and Tool Room at Noida.



Suzuki Motor Corporation holds 13.00% in Subros Ltd
Denso Corporation holds 13.00% in Subros Ltd


(In Rupees Crores) 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15
Total Income 1,920.32 1,542.19 1,309.33 1,198.19
PBT 82.38 8.19 26.44 20.40
PAT 60.62 13.34 24.00 20.32
EPS 10.11 2.22 4.00 3.39
Return on Capital Employed(%) 10.82 2.63 4.30 3.61
Return on Equity(%) 14.97 3.83 7.15 6.40
Book Value Per Share 67.47 57.98 55.90 52.87


(In Rupees Crores) Q3 2018-19 Q2 2018-19 Q1 2018-19
Total Income 510.69 564.03 531.69
PBT 27.73 31.82 24.98
PAT 17.19 23.81 18.93
EPS 2.80 3.97 3.15
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