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SARDAEN – Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd

Sarda Energy & Minerals Limited (SEML), incorporated in 1973, is the flagship company of Sarda Group. It is vertically integrated producer of steel with captive iron ore, manufacturer and exporter of niche grade manganese based ferro alloys, self sufficient captive power from Waste heat & coal, iterests in Hydro power projects through SPVs. SEML is one of the lowest cost producers of steel (Sponge Iron, Billets, Ferro Alloys,Mining,Power,Pellets,Iron Ore,Wire Rod Mill, Eco Bricks) and one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of ferro alloys in India.

SEML is one of the lowest cost producers of steel


Sponge Iron (DRI)
SEML was one of the first companies to install a sponge iron plant in the Siltara, Raipur area. Sponge Iron or Direct Reduced Iron is produced by reducing Iron Ore (in the form of lumps/pellets) using non-coking coal in a rotary kiln.

Billets and Wire Rods
Billets are semi-finished steel products with a square cross section usually up to 160mm x 160mm. This product is either rolled or continuously cast and is then transformed by rolling to obtain finished products like wire rod, merchant bars and other sections.

Ferro Alloys
Ferro alloys are high value added products usually used for manufacturing of mild steel and special steel. SEML is one of the largest producers and exporters of manganese based ferro alloys with exports to more than 60 countries.

SEML very strongly believes in environment conservation and preservation. SEML manufactures eco-friendly bricks mainly from the fly-ash generated from our captive power plant. The manufactured bricks facilitate substantial consumption of fly-ash, an environmental hazard.

SEML’s operational iron ore mine is located in the Rajnandgaon, CG with potential reserves of 20 million MT and annual output of around 200,000 MT.

Currently, SEML is operating 81.5 MW thermal power plant at our Siltara plant. The energy generated is captively used in our sponge iron, billet, ingot and ferro alloys plants.

SEML is one of the first few companies in the country to produce Pellets from Iron ore Fines using Grate-Kiln technology. The technology facilitates production of superior grade feed material for DRI and Blast Furnace using ore Fines which are otherwise unusable. Majority of the Pellets produced is used in house for production of DRI. The capacity of the Pellet Plant is 0.6 million tons per annum.

Sales and Realisation

Particulars 2018-19 2017-18 Trend (%) 2018-19 2017-18
Sale Numbers Sale Numbers 14% Realisation Realisation
Iron Ore Pellet (MT) 4,38,067 3,83,831 14% 6,628 5,272
Sponge Iron (MT) 1,48,130 1,50,415 -2% 19,101 16,842
Steel Billets (MT) 33,356 19,633 70% 33,136 27,587
Wire Rod (MT) 97,077 85,567 13% 38,288 32,110
H. B. Wire (MT) 20,473 28,615 -28% 40,243 33,898
Ferro (MT) 1,39,048 1,49,316 -7% 76,002 72,122
Power (Mn Kwh) 172.98 145.30 19%
Hydro Power (Mn Kwh) 85.02 82.23 3%

Plants and Capacity

Production Trend

Production Summary

Particulars 2018-19 2017-18 Trend (%)
Iron Ore Pellet (MT) 5,99,972 5,99,950 0%
Sponge Iron (MT) 3,02,243 2,78,147 9%
Steel Billets (MT) 1,56,691 1,36,349 15%
Wire Rod (MT) 1,18,578 1,13,466 5%
H. B. Wire (MT) 20,572 27,763 -26%
Ferro (MT) 1,45,064 1,49,258 -3%
Power (Mn Kwh) 1076.11 1010.37 7%
Hydro Power (Mn Kwh) 85.02 82.23 3%

SEML’s operational iron ore mine is located in the Rajnandgaon, CG with potential reserves of 20 million MT and annual output of around 200,000 MT. In addition to this, the Company has got an in-principle approval from the Government of India for five more mines possessing sufficient reserves to meet our requirement for the next 25 years.
The Company acquired mining rights for manganese ore from private parties in Goa. The potential reserve of the mine is nearly 6 million MT. In addition to that, reconnaissance permits/ in-principle approvals were granted in favor of the Company for three mines in Madhya Pradesh.


(In Rupees Crores) 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16
Total Income 2,340.74 2,244.04 1,501.62 1,515.46
PBT 323.69 294.29 150.16 39.38
PAT 207.19 204.77 126.97 12.75
EPS 56.36 56.01 35.59 3.82
ROCE 14.00 14.55 8.83 6.64
ROE 11.42 12.87 9.71 1.02
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