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RPOWER – Reliance Power Ltd

Reliance Power Limited is a part of the Reliance Group, one of India’s largest business houses. Reliance Power has been established to develop, construct and operate power projects both in India as well as internationally. The Company on its own and through its subsidiaries has a large portfolio of power generation capacity, both in operation as well as capacity under development. The power projects are going to be diverse in terms of geographic location, fuel type, fuel source and off-take, and each project is planned to be strategically located near an available fuel supply or load centre. The company has close to 6000 MW of operational power generation assets. The projects under development include three coal-fired projects to be fueled by reserves from captive mines and supplies from India and elsewhere; one gas-fired projects; and twelve hydroelectric projects, six of them in Arunachal Pradesh, five in Himachal Pradesh and one in Uttarakhand.

Largest portfolio of power projects in private sector
~6000 MW of operational power generation assets


Includes both complete and under development
Coal based Projects
Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project
Rosa Phase I
Butibori Power Project
Krishnapatnam Ultra Mega Power Project
Chitrangi Power Project

Gas based Projects
Samalkot Power Project
Reliance Bangladesh LNG & Power Ltd.

Solar Power Projects
Rajasthan Sun Technique Energy Pvt. Ltd
Dhursar Solar Power Pvt. Ltd.

Wind Power Projects
Vashpet Wind

Hydroelectricity Projects
Tato II
Urthing Sobla
Kalai II


Reliance Infrastructure Limited holds 42.21% in Reliance Power Ltd

Plants and Capacity

3,960 MW SASAN power project (29,476 million units)

17,000,000 Tonne Sasan coal production

1,200 MW Rosa power project (7,914 million units)

600 MW Butibori power project (3,762 million units)

40 MW Dhursar Solar PV plant (70 million units)

45 MW Vashpet Wind power project (77 million units)

100 MW Dhursar Concentrated Solar power project


(In Rupees Lakhs) 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15
Total Income 10,12,290 10,89,168 11,03,850 720,200
PBT 1,23,134 1,42,542 1,56,555 1,28,636
PAT 1,03,481 1,10,416 1,36,194 1,02,832
EPS 3.69 3.94 4.86 3.68


(In Rupees Lakhs) Q3 2018-19 Q2 2018-19 9M 2018-19
Total Income 215139 237806 689697
PBT 23467 31661 64724
PAT 18830 25292 67955
EPS 0.67 0.9 2.41
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