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PAUSHAK – Paushak Ltd

Paushak is part of the Alembic group of companies situated in Gujarat, India. Alembic Ltd is the oldest pharmaceutical company in India founded in 1907 and has celebrated a “hundred years of excellence”. Over the years Paushak has established a multi-product capability in Phosgene & its derivatives manufacturing.

35 years of safe Phosgene handling
100 year history in chemical synthesis


Phosgene is a major industrial chemical used to make plastics and pesticides.
At room temperature (70°F), phosgene is a poisonous gas.
With cooling and pressure, phosgene gas can be converted into a liquid so that it can be shipped and stored. When liquid phosgene is released, it quickly turns into a gas that stays close to the ground and spreads rapidly.
Phosgene was used extensively during World War I as a choking (pulmonary) agent. Among the chemicals used in the war, phosgene was responsible for the large majority of deaths.
Phosgene is not found naturally in the environment.
Phosgene is used in industry to produce many other chemicals such as pesticides.
Phosgene can be formed when chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds are exposed to high temperatures. Chlorinated hydrocarbon compounds are substances sometimes used or created in industry that contain the elements chlorine, hydrogen, and carbon.


2-Chloro Ethyl Isocyanate
2-Phenyl Ethyl Isocyanate
3-Chlorophenyl Isocyanate
3,4-Di Chlorophenyl Isocyanate
3,5-Di Chlorophenyl Isocyanate
4-Chlorophenyl Isocyanate
4-Chloro-3-(trifluoromethyl) Phenl Isocynate
4-Isobutoxybenzyl Isocyanate
Cyclohexyl Isocyanate
Isopropyl Isocyanate
N-Butyl Isocyanate
Phenyl Isocyanate
P-Toluenesulfonyl Isocyanate
Stearyl Isocyanate
Tert-Butyl Isocyanate
Trans-4-Methyl Cyclohexyl Isocyanate

2-Ethylhexyl Chloroformate
1-Heptyl Chloroformate
2-Ethyl-1-Butyl Chloroformate
4-Nitro Phenyl Chloroformate
Allyl Chloroformate
Benzyle Chloroformate
Cetyl Chloroformate
Ethyl Chloroformate
Isobutyl Chloroformate
Menthyl Chloroformate
Methyl Chloroformate
Myristyl Chloroformate
N-Hexyl Chloroformate
N-Pentyl Chloroformate
Octyl Chloroformate
Para Nitrophenyl Chloroformate
Phenyl Chloroformate
Propyl Chloroformate
Secondary Butyl Chloroformate
Tert-Butyl Cyclohexyl Chloroformate
Vinyl Chloroformate

2-Methacryloxyethyl Vinyl Carbonate
Bis-(4 Nitrophenyl) Carbonate
Chloromethyl Isopropyl Carbonate
N-Butyl Propargyl Carbonate
3-Iodo 2 propynyl N-butyl Carbonate
3-[Tris(trimethylsiloxy)silyl]propyl Vinyl Carbonate

3-Chloropropionyl Cloride
4-Chloro Butyryl Cloride
5-Chlorovaleroyl Cloride
Diethyl Carbamoyl Cloride
Dimethyl Carbamoyl Cloride
Diphenyl Carbamoyl Cloride
N,N Bis(2-chloroethyl)carbamoyl Cloride
N-Ethyl-N-Methylcarbamoyl Cloride
N-Methyl Piperazine Carbamoyl Cloride Hydrocloride
N-Methyl-N-(phenylmethyl)-Carbamoyl Cloride


(In Rupees Crores) 2020-21 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
Total Income 141 137 139 103
EBIT 51 45 49 28
PAT 37 34 38 21
EPS 121.02 113.27 125.64 66.95
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