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MUKANDLTD – Mukand Ltd

Incorporated in the year 1937, Mukand Iron & Steel Works Limited, was acquired by the present promoter families, Shri Jamanlal Bajaj and Shri Jeevan Lal Shah, on the behest of Mahatma Gandhi in the year 1939. The Company then operated re-rolling mills and a foundry in Lahore and at Reay Road, Bombay respectively.
The Company was rechristened Mukand the year 1989 and had grown to become a multi division, multi product conglomerate. Mukand Ltd. is a multi division, multi product conglomerate involved in the manufacture of specialty steel long products and heavy machinery.
Mukand’s alloy steel is widely used in the automobile and auto component industry for products such as fasteners, bearing transmissions, crankshaft, steering components, suspension springs, fuel injection equipment, including common rail diesel injection systems, braking systems, drive axle mainly velocity joints, seamless tubes etc. The Company also exports its stainless steel products to developed and developing countries such as : The United States of America, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, to mention a few.
Mukand is also in the business of design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of industrial machinery, heavy duty cranes and bulk material handling equipment. The company under takes execution, supervision and commissioning of industrial and infrastructure projects, manufacture of heavy machinery for process plants in ferrous and non ferrous industries and turnkey projects.

India’s first steelmaker to successfully adopt the ‘continuous billet casting’ technology using ‘F’ type continuous casting machine
India’s first steelmaker to successfully adopt the the vacuum oxygen decarburisation technology
First in the country to install an oxygen top and bottom blown converter for the manufacture of stainless steel, there being only three other plants in the world that used this technology.
Fourth in the world to introduce the ‘easy draw continuous cooling’ system for wire rods


Carbon Alloy Steel
Special steel wire rods and Black Bars (Rounds & RCS)
Carbon steel | Alloy steel | Spring steel | Bearing quality | Free cutting | Micro alloyed

Special steel Cold Heading Quality Wire Rods
Low carbon | Low carbon boron | Medium carbon | Alloy steel

Electrode Quality Wire Rods

Stainless Steel
Wire Rods
Bright Bars

Machine Building
EOT and Gantry Cranes
Two and Four Girder EOT Cranes Capacity from 5 T to 500 T | Gantry Cranes Capacity from 5T to 60T | Liquid Metal Handling | 2 / 4 Girder Crane | Plate Mill Crane | Rotating Trolley Cranes | Scrap Handling Cranes with Magnets / Grab | Special Purpose | Refinery Cranes | Power House cranes | Charging Cranes | billet handling Cranes

Port and Shipyard Cranes
Capacity from 10 T to 50T , Span upto 65 M radius | Electrical Operated Level Luffing Cranes | Diesel Operated Level Luffing Cranes | Level Luffing Travelling Tower Cranes | Special Purpose Cranes | Hammer Head Cranes

Bulk Material Handeling
Ship/Barge Unloaders | Ship / Barge Loaders | Continuous Barge Unloaders | Stackers / Reclaimers | Wagon Tipplers / Loaders

Ferrous Industry
Converter | Converter relining machine | Hot Metal Mixers | Electric Arc Furnaces | Vacuum degassing / Vacuum oxygen degassing | Moving & Hot Saw | Transfer Cars | Hydraulic Scale Breaker | Withdrawal Straightner Units | Ladles, Slag Pots, Scrap Boxes | Bloom & Billet Casters | Sintering Machine | Door Extractor | Cooler for Sponge Iron Plant | Blast Furnace Shell | Bell & Hopper | Pig Casting Machine

Rolling Mills
Mill Stand | Roller Table | Cooling Bed | Chain Transfer | Pinch Roll Assembly | Hydraulic Scale Breakers | Charging & Discharging Equipment | Pay Off Reel

Non-Ferrous Industry
Rotary Holding Furnace | Slag Granulation Plant | Anode Mould Boxes | Ball Mills | Rotary Kilns/ Dryers | Copper Converters | Anode Refining Furnaces | Lance / Lance handling Systems | Pre-heaters | Pre-Calcinators | Grate / Planetary Coolers | Vertical Roller Mills | Cyclones

Power, Nuclear and Defense
High Capacity Power House Cranes | E- Mills | 7FA turbine base for Gas Turbine | Front standard for steam turbine


BAJAJ Holdings & Investment Ltd holds 5.74% in Mukand Ltd

Plants and Capacity

With manufacturing facilities in Thane, Maharashtra and Hospet, Karnataka, Mukand produces over 400 grades of specially engineered steel to suit stringent customer requirements in sizes ranging from 5 mm to 160mm in the form of bars, bright bars, wire rods and wires.
Mukand is an integrated alloy and stainless steel producer from India. Mukand has a steel making and rolling capacity of 500,000 metric tons per year. Mukand produces over 400 grades of specially engineered steel to stringent requirements for customers across the globe.

Revenue Segmentation

(In Rupees Crores) Specialty Steel 18-19 Specialty Steel 17-18 Machinery & Engineering Contracts 18-19 Machinery & Engineering Contracts 17-18
Segment Revenue 3,451.36 3,033.40 138.66 80.50
Segment Result 130.62 59.35 {13.26) (24.55)


(In Rupees Crores) 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16
Total Income 3666.98 3,370.75 2,886.60 2,753.45
PBT (132.33) 25.84 74.08 2.14
PAT (84.11) 44.06 11.24 1.62
EPS (5.95) 3.12 0.79 0.11
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