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BALMLAWRIE – Balmer Lawrie and Company Ltd

Founded by two Scotsmen, Stephen George Balmer and Alexander Lawrie, in Kolkata, Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. started its corporate journey as a Partnership Firm on 1st February 1867. Traversing the 152 years gone by, today Balmer Lawrie is a Mini-ratna-I Public Sector Enterprise under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India. Along with its five Joint Ventures and two subsidiaries in India and abroad, today it is a much-respected transnational diversified conglomerate with presence in both manufacturing and service sectors. Balmer Lawrie is a market leader in Steel Barrels, Industrial Greases & Specialty Lubricants, Corporate Travel and Logistics Services. It also has significant presence in other businesses, viz, Leather Chemicals, Logistics Infrastructure.

Largest manufacturer of steel barrels in India with over 40% market share
Market leaders in Grease and Speciality Lubricants
Market Leaders in Fatliquors


Industrial Packaging
Balmer Lawrie is the largest manufacturer of Mild Steel Drums in India and is the market leader in the industry with over 40% market share. Balmer Lawrie manufactures MS Plain drums, Internally Coated drums, Composite drums, Tall drums, Necked-in drums, Conical drums, GI drums and Open Headed drums. Customer segments include PSU Oil, MNC Oil, Local Oil, Transformer Oil, Chemicals, Additives, Agrochemicals, Bitumen and Bitumen emulsion, Food & Fruit Pulp companies and Exports.

Logistics Infrastructure
Balmer Lawrie has three state of the art Container Freight Stations (CFSs) at Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai that form part of SBU: Logistics Infrastructure (LI). The warehousing and distribution facilities at Kolkata and Coimbatore are testimony to Balmer Lawrie’s ability to successfully handle a whole range of cargo promptly and safely.

Logistics Services
Balmer Lawrie’s venture into Logistic Services (LS) dates back to the 19th century. Since then it has grown exponentially, offering a wide range of totally seamless logistic solutions for its clients. With a national as well as global network run by an able team of professionals and aided by latest communication facilities, LS offers total logistic solutions for all types of cargo.

1. Full container load (fcl) delivery
Placement of empty trailer inside port.
Loading of load container at Port.
Transportation of load container to CFS.
Unloading and stacking inside CFS.
Loading of load container on Party’s vehicle after delivery.
Roll out of load container outside CFS.

2. Break bulk cargo handling [import] Placing of trailers at Port and receiving the cargo directly from Vessel hook point Transportation to CFS and unloading.
Storage of cargo in covered/open space Loading of cargo on trailer/truck after appraisement and completion of documentation formalities .
Roll out of loaded trailer/truck outside CFS.

Lubricants and Greases

Leather Chemicals
Balmer Lawrie entered into Leather Chemicals business in 1983 by taking up manufacture of synthetic Fatliquors in Chennai.
Fatliquors | Vegetable, lanolin & lecithin fatliquors | Raw oil

Fatliquors & beam house
Premium fatliquors | Mass segment fatliquors | Marine oil fatliquors | High segment fatliquors | High segment fatliquors for upper | Beam house chemicals

Syntans & fillers
Aldehydes & modified aldehydes | Mineral syntans | Eco- friendly syntans | Replacement syntans | Modified vegetable tannins | Resin syntans | High performance acrylic resin syntans | Auxiliary, speciality organic & inorganic syntans

Refinery and Oil Field Services
Balmer Lawrie specialize in providing value added technical services focusing on the oil & gas Industry. In this domain, the emphasis is on providing services, centered on pollution prevention & recovery of hydrocarbon from wastes.

Travel & Vacations
As one of the largest travel & tour operator in the country Balmer Lawrie Travel & Vacations provides end-to-end domestic and international travel services including -ticketing, tourism and MICE related services to its clients.

Plants and Capacity

Industrial Packaging
Taloja, Navi Mumbai – Capacity/throughput: 4896 barrels/shift
Asaoti – Capacity/throughput: 2250 barrels per shift
Silvassa – Capacity/throughput: 15 Lac Barrels / annum
Chennai – Capacity/throughput: 56,750 plain barrels per month
Chittoor – Capacity/throughput: 6,50,000/- barrels per annum
Kolkata – Capacity/throughput: 2300 for Lube & Bitumen 900 per shift


G&L, Quaker, Castrol, Sun Oil, Unique Food, Hind Colas, Berger, DIC, PC Chnada, Shell, Castrol, Apar, Savitha, Amul, Eternis, Jain irrigation, BASF, Henkel

Revenue Segmentation

(In Rupees Crores) Standalone 2018-19 Standalone 2017-18 Consolidated 2018-19 Consolidated 2017-18
Segment Revenue
Industrial Packaging 636.75 579.63 636.75 579.63
Logistics Services 332.45 330.77 332.45 330.77
Logistics Infrastructure 187.61 190.57 187.61 190.57
Travel & Vacations 159.76 157.30 159.76 157.30
Greases & Lubricants 375.99 402.34 375.99 401.24
Others 88.08 87.32 88.08 87.32
Total 1780.67 1747.95 1780.67 1746.85
Segment Results
Industrial Packaging 54.15 58.42 31.16 58.42
Logistics Services 79.71 84.82 79.71 84.83
Logistics Infrastructure 43.72 44.74 43.73 44.74
Travel & Vacations 60.24 52.94 60.25 52.94
Greases & Lubricants 38.53 30.96 37.54 30.96
Others 17.36 15.69 (5.81) (33.60)
Total 293.74 287.59 246.58 238.29


(In Rupees Crores) 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16
Total Income 1,856.72 1,797.10 1,779.46 1,657.31
PBT 280.10 261.12 254.11 240.21
PAT 188.50 184.82 170.42 164.35
EPS 16.53 16.21 14.95 14.42
ROCE 21.00 20.20 21.16 14.53
ROE 14.49 14.71 14.61 15.43
Book Value 114.05 110.16 102.28 373.65
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