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CHEMCON – Chemcon Speciality Chemicals Ltd

Chemcon is a manufacturer of specialized chemicals, engaged in the manufacturing and sale of the Pharmaceutical Chemicals and the Oilwell Completion Chemicals. Chemcon supply their products to domestic customers and as well as customers outside India. Largest manufacturer of CMIC in India The second largest manufacturer of CMIC worldwide Only manufacturer of HMDS in India […]

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PAUSHAK – Paushak Ltd

Paushak is part of the Alembic group of companies situated in Gujarat, India. Alembic Ltd is the oldest pharmaceutical company in India founded in 1907 and has celebrated a “hundred years of excellence”. Over the years Paushak has established a multi-product capability in Phosgene & its derivatives manufacturing. 35 years of safe Phosgene handling 100 […]

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How to Invest in Cyclic Stock

KEY TRENDS TO TRACK GROWTH IN REVENUES: At the start of an upcycle, revenues start to witness growth. They start to fall as the downcycle approaches. OPERATING INCOME AND MARGIN: Most cyclical companies are asset-heavy. Irrespective of the changes in revenues, their fixed costs remain the same. Hence as revenues jump, the company starts reporting […]

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Where to Invest in Bull Market 2021? Which sector going to decide Future of Stock Market?

The Bear market always fearful and Bull market always makes investor greedy. The above quote is so much true and now a days almost all investor might have been asking these questions- Lets try to get answer for this:- Where should i invest my ‘Hard’ Money? Ans:-Of Course in Stock Market. Should I Sit quit […]

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Mutual Fund Investments for the Year 2019 – Update

One of the strategies to use sector funds worked pretty well. I believe continue with same strategy for next one year. Investment using sectoral funds

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INDIANHUME – Indian Hume Pipe Company Ltd

The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd. (IHP) was established in 1926 with the object of manufacturing, popularizing and marketing Hume Pipes and allied products. Over a period of time the company has developed Prestressed Concrete Pipes (Non-Cylinder), Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes, Bar Wrapped Steel Cylinder Pipes, Hume Steel Pipes, Welded Steel Penstocks, Prestressed Concrete Railway […]

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