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You grow through what you go through!

Change in any size, size or format is not so welcome in life unless its something that comes with a bonanza. Yet change is required for any kind of growth to happen. It is not about how to avoid it but about how gracefully you accept, embrace and adapt to it.

In a professional situation this is so true when you move on to a new role. With uncountable action items on your plate, numerous new things to learns and the most stressful of all, a set of new people to deal with. Wish there was a magic potion that one could gulp and pass through this phase, but no that’s not the solution. Remain calm and consult a trusted advisor on how to go about this phase. There are going to be elements who would want to pull you down, be vary of them. The only way to deal with the new set of responsibilities is careful charting of your time and letting time teach you the trick of the trade.


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