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Tie your own shoe-lace!

There is a list of things that I want to implement in my life.. these things are important yet not urgent. The list keeps lying around catching dust, one fine day when I get hold of it, I promise myself to start from the next Monday, or next 1st and again the list get lost in scores of other tasks. If these things are not tied to your direct goals it is all the more difficult to keep up to the promise of starting off.

Yes, exercising is on my list because everybody talks about it and it is just stylish to say that I hit the gym first in the morning! That’s the reason when people stop talking about it my motivation drops down. If you tie your goal to an external environment factor it sure is going to fizzle out. The moment this goals comes from within you, you will have an everlasting motivation to pull through it. You realize that you need to keep up with the demanding work schedule and also give time for personal development- the very cynosure of Growth. Then you realize that you need more energy to pull through this. The final realization is that you can increase your energy, productivity and well-being with disciplined eating habits and some exercising. That is the moment you won’t need any motivational posters on your desk, a pep-talk video, any reminders on your mobile phone or any work-out buddy. You will tie your shoe-lace anyways and hit the gym.

by , created on September 14th, 2019, last updated on July 20th, 2020