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TEJASNET – Tejas Networks

Tejas Networks provides an end-to-end portfolio of optical and data networking products covering access, metro and long-haul networks. Tejas Networks products are used to build communication networks that carry voice, data and video traffic from fixed line, mobile and broadband networks over optical fibre. Tejas Networks offer a diverse portfolio of products based on global technology standards, which enable telecommunications networks that are used to provide mobile, internet and broadband services, primarily over optical fibre. Tejas Networks products can be flexibly configured as CPO, PTN and DWDM products as per the Communications Service Provider’s needs and traffic requirements in the telecommunications network.

The optical and data networking product manufacturer
400,000+ Systems Installed
#1 in Optical Aggregation Market in India
Top-10 in Global Optical Aggregation Market
Deployed in 70+ Countries
95% Repeat Business
340+ Patents
250+ Silicon IPs


Tejas Networks offer broadband access products based on GPON technology for FTTX broadband access, wireless broadband access products based on 4G/LTE technology and enterprise Ethernet switches. We also provide intelligent network management software based on ITU standards, for easy deployment of large-scale networks. Our network management software enables unified management of our products from a graphical and web-based user interface. In addition, our products are designed to cater to the emerging trends in SDN and NF V-enabled.

In legacy optical networks, data and voice traffic used to be transported by multi-service provisioning platform (“MSPP”) products as digital circuits based on synchronous optical networking (“SONET”) technology in North America and synchronous digital hierarchy (“SDH”) technology in the rest of the world. As the volume of data traffic on telecommunications networks has increased due to the emergence of high-speed residential broadband services, 3G/4G mobile internet and business Ethernet services, traditional MSPP products are being displaced by three new product categories: converged packet optical (“CPO”), packet transport networks (“PTN”) and dense wavelength division multiplexing (“DWDM”) products.

PTN products are used by telecommunications operators when the proportion of circuit traffic (which may be predominantly voice) in their networks is low compared to data traffic. PTN products are optical networking products that primarily transport data traffic and can also transport voice traffic by emulating it as packets of data.

DWDM products are high-density and high-capacity optical networking products that have the ability to combine over 80 light wavelengths on a single optical fibre over thousands of kilometres, resulting in cost savings for our customers. Our DWDM products include TJ1600, in multiple chassis sizes and a range of line cards to deliver a variety of services and applications in metro and long-haul networks. Our DWDM products are designed to support advanced optical technologies, such as OTN, ROADM, and 100 Gbps optics. The target customers for our DWDM products are telecommunications service providers that are building high-capacity optical networks by optimising on the number of optical fibres to reduce the cost of transmission per bit.

Enterprise Ethernet switches are deployed in local area networks (“LAN”) within offices or campuses. Enterprise Ethernet switches enable inter-connection of computing devices and accurate redirection of packet traffic from source to destination devices within offices and campuses. Our enterprise Ethernet switches are TJ2911 and TJ1400P-M products that support Carrier Ethernet and Internet protocol (“IP”) features. The main target customers for our enterprise Ethernet switches are central and state government establishments including defence agencies and public sector units that are constructing campus data networks.



(In Rupees Crores) 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Income 615.13 818.89 739.87
EBITDA 114.05 168.43 152.87
Gross Profit 232.67 310.42 298.42
PAT 28.53 92.98 106.52
EPS 14.09 12.41
Net Cash Flow from Operations 126.81 149.69 239.49
Free cash flow 98.19 171.39
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