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KGKHOSLA – Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd

Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited (KPCL) is one of the core Kirloskar Group companies and was founded in 1958 by Shantanurao Laxmanrao Kirloskar. The company offers engineering products and is represented by offices across the globe. KPCL serves major sectors like Oil and Gas, Steel, Cement, Food and Beverage, Railways, Defense and Marine. Their product range […]

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KIRLOSBROS – Kirloskar Brothers Ltd

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) is a pump manufacturing company involved in engineering and manufacture of systems for fluid management. Established in 1888 and incorporated in 1920, KBL is the flagship company of the $2.5 billion Kirloskar Group. The market leader in fluid management, KBL provides fluid management solutions for large infrastructure projects in the areas […]

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KIRLOSIND – Kirloskar Industries Ltd

Kirloskar Industries Limited (KIL / the Company) is in the business of Windmill Generation and Investments (Securities and Properties). It is investment/holding company of Kirloskar Group and has investments in various Kirloskar group companies. Investment/holding company of Kirloskar Group Products/Services Windmills The Company has seven windmills in Maharashtra with total installed capacity of 5.6 Megawatt […]

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KIRLOSENG – Kirloskar Oil Engines

Incorporated in 1946, Kirloskar Oil Engines is the flagship company of the Kirloskar group. KOEL is an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of diesel engines, agricultural pumpsets and generating sets. Kirloskar Oil Engines have four state-of-the-art manufacturing units in India that offer world-class service. The company has a sizable presence in international markets, with offices […]

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SWARAJENG – Swaraj Engines Ltd

Swaraj Engines Ltd was promoted by Punjab Tractor Association (Now acquired by Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd) and Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd in 1985. The company operates in the Engine sector and specifically specialize in Tractor Engines. Till date SEL has supplied over 7,00,000 engines for fitment into Swaraj tractors Products/Services SEL makes engines and components […]

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KIRLOSFERR – Kirloskar Ferrous Industries Ltd

KFIL is one of the fastest growing company in the business of Pig Iron and Castings, with an annual turnover of Rs. 1724 crores for the year 2017-18. The core products being Pig Iron, Grey Iron Castings and S.G Iron Castings. KFIL has strategically located manufacturing plants at Koppal and Solapur with highly advanced manufacturing […]

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