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SMARTLINK – Smartlink Holdings Ltd

Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. is one of India’s leading networking company. It was established in the year 1993 to prop the Indian market in the field of Network Infrastructure. Pioneer in the field of Active networking, it offers an integrated value proposition from design and development to sales and marketing, and service and support. The Company has a robust product portfolio and a nationwide reach through its network of national and regional distributors, resellers and system integrators.

Group Companies

DIGISOL – Headquartered in Mumbai, focuses on Sales and Marketing of DIGISOL brand of Active Networking and Structured Cabling Products.
SYNEGRA – With its facility based in Goa, manufactures Active Networking range of products for DIGISOL & also provides contract manufacturing services to other companies who wish to enjoy significant benefits of local manufacturing.
TELESMART – Manufactures Structured Cabling products of Copper and Fiber at it’s Goa Facility.


Wireless Solutions

4G/3G Adapters & Routers
Access Points
ADSL Routers
Managed Wireless Solution
VDSL Routers
Wireless Adapters (USB & PCI)
Wireless Broadband Routers
Wireless Range Booster

KVM Switching Solutions

PS/2 KVM Switches
PS/2 & USB Combo KVM Switches
USB KVM Switches

LAN Extender & Print Server

LAN Extender
Print Server

Switching Solutions

Chassis Switches
Fully Managed Switches
Industrial Switches
Lite/Smart Managed Switches
Switching Accessories
Unmanaged Switches

Storage Solutions

2 Bay NAS
4 Bay NAS

SMB & Enterprise Routers

Load Sharing Router
Multi Service Router

Surveillance Solutions

AHD CCTV Bullet Cameras
AHD CCTV Dome Cameras
AHD PTZ Speed Dome Cameras
AHD Digital Video Recorders
Analog CCTV Cameras
Analog Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
IP Cameras
Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Media Converters

Media Converters

Revenue Segmentation

The group has three business segments
(i) Investment: Earning income through dividends, interest and gains on Investment in various securities.
(ii) Networking: Developing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing and servicing of networking products.
(iii) EMS: Manufacture of various categories of electronic and IT products on job work basis and also engages in contract manufacturing for Original Equipment Manufacturers (collectively the activities constitute Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) business). During the year, the EMS segment majorly comprised of manufacture and sale of networking products to Digisol Systems Limited (Networking Products Segment) and hence has been considered under the segment of Networking Products.

Year ended(In Rupees Lakhs) Investment Networking EMS Eliminations Consolidated Total
Segment Revenue
31.03.2018 1360.49 6947.53 48.71 1385.58 9742.33
31.03.2017 2171.54 8063.49 454.91 316.12 1,0373.82
Segment Result
31.03.2018 1078.10 (704.50) (300.22) 73.38
31.03.2017 1377.03 (1625.16) (218.40) (466.52)


(In Rupees Lakhs) 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15
Total Income 9844.90 10529.26 10321.45 13229.58
PBT 26.33 (478.84) 676.46 1348.13
PAT (322.26) (971.25) 438.34 1320.67
EPS (1.43) (3.98) 1.46 4.40
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