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GARFIBRES – Garware Technical Fibres Ltd

Garware Technical Fibres Ltd. (Formerly Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd.) is one of India’s leading players in the technical textiles sector. Established in 1976, the company today is a multi-divisional, multi-geographical technical textiles company and is known for providing world class innovative solutions in high performance aquaculture cage nets, fishing nets, sports nets, safety nets, agricultural nets, coated fabrics, polymer ropes and geosynthetics.

No.1 Sports Net manufacturer in India & also the top exporter to USA
GTFL offers high-quality, UV-stabilized Agriculture Nets


Garware Technical Fibres is India’s leading provider of fishing nets, ropes and twines for the deep sea fishing industry. We offer customized differentiated products to cater to the needs of the fishing industry across India’s vast coastline.
Trawling | Gill Netting | Dole Netting | Purse Seine

Shipping Industrial
Garware Technical Fibres offers solutions of synthetic ropes for various applications from power transmission (tower erection & line stringing) to marine hawsers for shipping, mooring and towing applications.
Mooring | Towing | Single Point Mooring Systems | Power Transmission | Submersible Pumps | Speciality Ropes | Lifting & Material Handling | Garfil Commercial Ropes – General Application | Anti Bird Netting | Safety Net

Garware Technical Fibres is globally renowned for its applications focused products & solutions for the global aquaculture industry. Garware products include a variety of aquaculture cages, predator systems with a strong presence in the developed markets of Canada, USA, Norway, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, etc.
Grow Out Cage/Nursery | Predator Cage | Mooring & Vertical Ropes | Lice shields

Yarn & Threads
Under the Garlon brand, Garware Technical Fibres offers Yarn and Thread solutions that find multiple applications across industries; from portable bag closing machines and port bagging thread to Shoe stitching and manufacture of Fibrillated Bulk Containers.
Bag Closing | Shoe Stitching | Doll Hair | Woven Sack | FIBC | Jute Bag Stitching | Weaving | Reinforcements

Garware Technical Fibres is India’s leading manufacturer & exporter of sport nets. The company provides tennis nets, volley ball nets, basketball nets, ski nets, cricket nets, badminton nets, soccer nets, handball nets etc. under Sportiva Brand Name. The nets are manufactured as per international standards and are well known for their high shock resistance, UV resistance and better knot stability.
Sports Nets | Mountaineering and Abseiling Fitness | Rope/Battle Ropes

Coated Fabrics
Garware offers a wide range of Coated Fabric solutions for quality conscious customers to enhance value to their businesses. Backed by a strong technical know-how and processes, Garware Coated Fabrics are used in a wide range of demanding applications ranging from Truck Tarpaulins to Aquaculture Solutions.
Transport | Shelter Fabrics | Decorative Fabrics | Sports

Plants and Capacity

Ropes | Rope Articles | PPMF Yarns | PPMF Twines | Geo Textiles | Metal Gabions | Cargo Nets | Gangway Nets

Aquaculture Cage Nets | Plateena (Dyneema) | Fishing Nets | Net Assembly | Sports & Adventure | Nets | Safety Nets | Agricultural Nets | Coated Fabrics

Revenue Segmentation

(In Rupees Crores) 2018-19 2017-18
Segment Revenue
a) Synthetic cordage 860.31 753.99
b) Fibre and Industrial Products & Proiects 173.40 147.37
Total 1,033.71 901.36
Segment Result
a) Synthetic cordage 181.73 152.37
b) Fibre and Industrial Products & Proiects 27.50 19.70
Total 209.24 172.07


(In Rupees Crores) 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16
Total Income 1,038.79 902.46 854.28 831.05
PBT 182.00 153.01 123.15 87.04
PAT 125.61 105.12 84.30 61.88
EPS 57.40 48.04 38.52 28.28
ROCE 28.19 28.34 26.86
ROE 19.33 19.61 18.91
Book Value 296.82 244.93 203.62
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