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D-Link (India) Limited is part of D-Link Corporation which is a global leader in connectivity for homes, small businesses, medium to large sized enterprises and service providers. D-Link is a key player in the marketing and
distribution of networking products. It is a name to reckon with in Home and SMB/SME networking space. D-Link (India) Limited is part of D-Link Corporation and one of the largest networking companies in India.

The home and business network solutions provider


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TeamF1 specializes in developing highperformance networking and security software products, which help in future proofing the digital network connectivity and security roadmap for embedded devices.
• Wireless Controller Solutions
• Business Cloud
• CPE Gateway Solutions
• Managed Access Point Solutions
• Security Gateway Solutions

D-Link’s mydlink Wi-Fi smart plug is compatible with Google Assistant.

D-Link’s security monitoring solution integrates existing switch, storage, software, and service, with surveillance as its core, to provide a comprehensive service for customers.
D-Link offers a range of IP-based Surveillance Cameras with wired and wireless options; these can be integrated with NVR (Network Video Recorder) solutions for archiving.

D-Link’s extensive service infrastructure encompasses 11 D-Link Direct Service Centers, 45 Partner Service Centers and 207 Courier collection points that cover 140+ locations with 263+ Service Points for customer support.

Network Switching: D-Link offers the complete range of switching solutions including Chassis, L3/L2 Managed, Web-Smart and Unmanaged switches. These switches find use in bandwidth intensive applications like streaming video, VoIP and high-end multimedia.

D-Link has the entire copper and fiber range which can be positioned in high end applications like data centers.

D-Link has introduced Connect Home series – its IoT range of products that enable homes to be interconnected to information and smart-enabled in an integrated services environment.


(In Rupees Lakhs) 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15
Total Income 66,199.00 70,859.16 72,281.64 64,235.25
PBT 1,890.83 2,542.77 3749.62 3310.76
PAT 1,364.18 1,776.78 2437.53 2185.82
EPS 3.57 4.70 6.87 6.31
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