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Bull over Bear!

With the bull is running around the market nobody is happy except when it happens in the stock market. The bear is rarely welcome though! The joy of seeing your stocks on high and the returns they project; it is a beyond expression moment for any player in the stock market.
The bear though gives you an opportunity to invest in good stocks as you get them at low prices is still not welcome as you see a dip in your total worth in the market.

Your “Thinking brain” knows this is a cycle and won’t last, however your “Monkey Brain” jumps around worrying over the losses. It does not understand that the market will bounce back, things will fall in place and everything will become normal in few days or few weeks or may be few months.

The key to staying strong when fear catches us during the “Bear phase” is to outsmart your “Monkey Brain” by staying calm and focused and keeping mighty faith in God.

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by , created on September 20th, 2019, last updated on September 20th, 2019